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About Us

We are a team of enthusiastic and hard-working staff. As one of the newly emerging companies to offer Digital Media Services, MySolution can help you establish and maintain a decent, honest reputation online and enable you to share your products or services in a professional manner. We offer a variety of social media packages and assist you in finding the appropriate one that works best for your business depending on your marketing needs. When establishing a trustworthy partnership with us, we do not only help you find cost-effective solutions for your problems; we ensure that your business finds the best-suited social media package to fulfill your needs.

Flexible branding is future marketing. MySolutionCo implements a localized and customized approach to staffing, marketing, pricing, and customer service. We adapt with certain conditions including extra work which is needed than necessary, being able to be constantly active other normal work days, and much more. Focus and flexibility defines our work with splendid results. The way we define our business is that it is flexible enough to change right along with our clients, evolving to keep up to speed with them.

We are here to help you

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple, the main goal is to alleviate the performance of your business through effective Digital Marketing services required for your needs. In the vast area of Digital Marketing, situations and especially methods change shape to reach a specialized target audience needed for your business and that target audience will be a strong connection point between your business and the people that have an interest in the desired area.

Our Foundation

On this day, MySolutionCo was proud to be established and gather its staff to start working as a team.

15. March 2017

Peace Campaign

MySolutionCo gladly participated in the peace campaign which takes part in Facebook Global Digital Challenge Program. It is led by university students who spread social awareness to improve our society.

15. May 2017

AUIS Career Fair

This event took part at AUIS. It was our first exposure in which we offered employment opportunities and internships for AUIS students and graduates.

20. Apr 2017